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I am trying to send an Android Eclipse project to another developer to view and modify. Which is the best way of doing that? I thought it might have something to do with file/export, but I can't work things out. The Eclipse version I'm using is Helios Service Release 2, build id is 20110218-0911

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I would just zip up the project folders and all sub-folders. Your recipient can then import that into their eclipse.

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Right-click, Export -> General, Archive File -> Next -> provide the output path -> Finish. Then give this to your developer. He can import it into his workspace.

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I recommend this method because sometimes you don't remember where your workspace. Anyway it looks clear and very straight from the IDE and developer's perspective IMHO. – pctroll May 2 '12 at 20:43

What worked for me was: Export->General->File System and then to a new workspace without any open projects: Import->General->Existing Projects Into Workspace

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I think that the most simple if you copy your Android project's map to a pendrive or something and then the developer import it to his/her eclipse. Hope it helps.

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run your app in inbuilt emulator. this will result in apk creation somewhere . locate the path as belows workspace/your_app_name/bin/

there you can find the desired apk file. simply copy it where ever you want :)

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This is what i normally do and it always works:

  • Copy the project folder into your Eclipse workspace.
  • In Eclipse, File -> Import -> General -> Existing projects in Workspace
  • Choose the folder which you just copied into the workspace.

hope it helps

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