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All I'm trying to add is a button that, when pressed, increments an "accuracy" value by 1. I've looked at many, many, StackOverflow solutions but none of them have worked for me so far. I'm working with a colleague's code, and if it helps, most of it is taken from a Ruby on Rails textbook ("Learn Rails by Example") and may be hacked together.

my view looks like:

  <%= link_to 'Accurate2', :action => :vote_up, :id => @post.id%>

my code looks like:

 def vote_up
   #in posts_controller.rb
  @post = Post.find(params[:id])
  @post.rate_it( 1, current_user.id ) #with "acts_as_rateable" plugin

my routing looks like:

resources :users do
    resources :comments
    resources :posts

resources :posts do
  resources :comments
  match "vote_up", :on => :collection
  match "vote_down", :on => :collection

the error I receive is:


CanCan::AccessDenied in PostsController#vote_up

You are not authorized to access this page.

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Seems like it has something to do with the CanCan gem. Would be helpful to know how exactly you are using it. – M. Cypher Jul 31 '11 at 16:23

You're using the CanCan gem which apparently doesn't give you the necessary authorization. Check this for details:


Also, as a sidenote, I would recommend changing these:

match "vote_up", :on => :collection
match "vote_down", :on => :collection


member do
  post "vote_up"
  post "vote_down"

and making the appropriate changes in the view:

<%= button_to 'Vote up', {:action => :vote_up, :id => @post.id} %>

The reason is that actions like these shouldn't be done with GET requests since the user may accidentally submit them multiple times by refreshing the page etc.

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That's interesting, thanks for pointing it out. This is the code from a colleague of mine. He installed this gem to have a distinction between users and admins. – Jon Jul 31 '11 at 17:00
Here member should be used instead of collection. – PeterWong Jul 31 '11 at 17:09
True, thanks for pointing that out. – M. Cypher Jul 31 '11 at 17:11

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