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I am a web developer and need closing tag matching for HTML. I always use Netbeans but a giving Eclipse a try for the first time. By default it seems to have closing brace matching for PHP/javascript, etc. But I don't see the closing tag matching when I clock on an opening tag. Is there some way to turn this feature on or does it not exist?

Also how does one change syntax colors in Eclipse, I don't see those options in Windows >> Preferences.

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Do you mean this effect?

enter image description here

It should be enable by default .

To change the color syntax , go to Window --> Preferences and type color in the top left search box .Then all the setting about color will be filtered out.

You can change the color of the matching tags in the General ---> Editor ---> Text Editors ----> Annotation.

enter image description here

You can also try this Eclipse Color Theme plugin which has already includes many popular color themes.

P.S All the settings are based on the eclipse 3.7 Indigo Version.

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I don't the option of changing the matching tags. Why do you think this could be? I have 3.7.2 –  Daniel Casserly Sep 27 '12 at 21:25

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