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If 1 test fails, tons of others do. How could I change this so that the other checks (the "it's") below only get done if should be_valid is true, i.e. how can I nest the following "it"'s. I can create a different context for all the other ones and have be_valid on its own but how do I ensure that they are dependent (in a good way in this case! e.g. they won't run).

describe Gorilla do
  context "is valid" do
    subject { Factory.build(:gorilla) }
    it { should be_valid }
    it { should have_many :gorilla_memberships}
    it { should have_many(:gorilla_groups).through(:gorilla_memberships) }
    it { should have_many :gorilla_observations }
    it { should have_one(:avatar).through(:gorilla_observations) }
    it { should have_one(:noseprint).through(:gorilla_observations) }
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There is no explicit support for creating any sort of relationship between examples in rspec.

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Thanks, how about either :before or nesting, could that help me? –  Michael Durrant Aug 1 '11 at 10:26
You might be able to hack something together by nesting the dependent examples and including a before(:all) in the nested group that queries the metadata of its parent example group looking for a failure, and then pops all of its examples before any of them run. I'm not certain it would work, and I am skeptical of its value and quite certain it would gum up your specs, but to each his own :) –  David Chelimsky Aug 1 '11 at 12:51
I hate gum and if it's not the right approach then I won't bother with the hack. Thanks :) –  Michael Durrant Aug 3 '11 at 20:44

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