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I'm trying to make an image zoomable in my windows phone 7 application. (code below) however it dosent work, the image dosent display. Can someone put me on the right track, is this the right control to use? If it is then what am I doing wrong?

        <controls:PivotItem Name="Header" Header="item1">
                <MultiScaleImage Name="mainImage" />

        var imageurl = loginxml.Descendants("response").Elements("submissions").Elements("submission").Elements("file_url_screen").First().Value;
        //imageurl = https://inkbunny.net///files/screen/165/165693_CobaltHusky_random_anatomy_doodles.png
        Header.Header = loginxml.Descendants("response").Elements("submissions").Elements("submission").Elements("title").First().Value;
         DeepZoomImageTileSource img = new DeepZoomImageTileSource(new Uri(imageurl));
        mainImage.Source = img;

EDIT Reading the msdn on MultiScaleImage that isnt the control to use. It needs a specific image source (not a bitmap/jpg)

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do you mean you want to Scale up the image based on User interaction ? – softwaredeveloper Jul 31 '11 at 20:10
I want it to work exactly the same as the photo library in the phone. You can zoom in and out by pinching – Tom Squires Jul 31 '11 at 20:31
Start with a ScrollViewer control instead of the grid and add an image into it. To Scale up and down use the Touch events ManipulationStarted,Delta and completed and based on the delta scale up or down the image. Hope this helps. I know the Magnifier app on the marketplace uses this. – softwaredeveloper Jul 31 '11 at 21:28
About the Image not being able to display, what is the resource type of the image Content/Embedded Resource ? You will have to use the correct path to locate the image within your app. – softwaredeveloper Jul 31 '11 at 21:29
@softwaredeveloper the image is downloaded from the web. Why is ScrollViewer better than MultiScaleImage? Do you know why MultiScaleImage isn't working? I would rather understand the problem than just change technologies. – Tom Squires Jul 31 '11 at 21:39
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The URL for the DeepZoomImageTileSource is not an image url, but the url to a XML file listing the images to use for the deep zoom tiles.

I implemented a simple zoomable image as follows using the silverlight toolkit:

<Image Name="MainImage" RenderTransformOrigin="0.5,0.5" CacheMode="BitmapCache">
        <CompositeTransform x:Name="transform" />
        <toolkit:GestureListener PinchStarted="OnPinchStarted" PinchDelta="OnPinchDelta" />

and in code:

MainImage.Source = new BitmapImage(new Uri(url));

Then declare two variables for your angle and zoom:

double initialAngle;
double initialScale;

And then handle the gesture events:

private void OnPinchStarted(object sender, PinchStartedGestureEventArgs e)
    initialAngle = transform.Rotation;
    initialScale = transform.ScaleX;

private void OnPinchDelta(object sender, PinchGestureEventArgs e)
    //transform.Rotation = initialAngle + e.TotalAngleDelta;
    transform.ScaleX = initialScale * e.DistanceRatio;
    transform.ScaleY = initialScale * e.DistanceRatio;

Uncomment the rotation line if you want to handle rotating the image as well.


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Your a star. Thanks – Tom Squires Sep 15 '11 at 19:57

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