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If you Firebug this page: look at the VPS cloud slider. The background image isn't fully behind the border to the right of the Storage tab.

I added this to the end of the code to place the image on the background:

<div style="margin: -229pt 0pt 0pt -20pt;">
<div style="background-image: url(/images/stories/cloud-background2.png); height: 315px; width:   710px;"></div> 

Compatibility View in IE9 allows the image to be displayed on top of most elements. What should I change?

Thanks, Mark

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You don't need to use new div's for the background. Just add the .cloudbackground class to <div class="rt-block">. Then use the HTML and CSS code below instead:


<div class="rt-block cloudbackground">


.cloudbackground {
    background: url("/images/stories/cloud-background2.png") no-repeat;

This will fix all your issues including making it work in compatibility mode.

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Perfect, thank you!!! – Mark Jul 31 '11 at 23:56

You might want to look into the z-index CSS property with a negative value.

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Thanks, I tried, but z-index completely removes the image. – Mark Jul 31 '11 at 20:14

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