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I have ASPxGridView from Devexpress and I want to show message after clicking the delete button, this message could be html div containing text or java script alert message.
Any idea how could this achieved ?
I'm trying this but it's not working:

    protected void ASPxGridViewCategories_RowDeleting(object sender, DevExpress.Web.Data.ASPxDataDeletingEventArgs e)
            Response.write("<script>alert('my message');</script>");                
        catch (Exception ex)
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Using bunch of properties ASPxGridView.JSProperties + ASPxClientGridView.EndCallback you can do it - please see example: ASPxGridView - Client-Side RowInserted Notification.

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[JScript] In aspx

  function OnEndCallback(s,e)
         if (s.cpAlertMessage != null)


    Protected Sub ASPxGridView1_RowDeleting(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DevExpress.Web.Data.ASPxDataDeletingEventArgs) Handles ASPxGridView1.RowDeleting

     CType(sender, ASPxGridView).JSProperties("cpAlertMessage") = "Your Custom Alert!!"
e.Cancel = True

End Sub
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You could access the style information for a div and set it visible.

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I can't access any control because devexpress grid does the deleting action using ajax – Dabbas Jul 31 '11 at 20:24
Check out the client side methods: e.g. ASPxClientGridView.DeleteRow Method.… – cudahead Jul 31 '11 at 20:39

It is possible to show custom messages in the aspxgridview:

In the properties box, go to Settings Text, look for title, here you can add a title for the grid. In your code, when you want to show any message, after any event, this include: not deleting, inserting, deleting, updating, add this code:

ASPxGridView1.Settings.ShowTitlePanel = True ASPxGridView1.SettingsText.Title = "CHANGES ARE DONE"

You don't need to show any alert messages from javascript, or using the JSProperties method, since this is done before the callback finishes.

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You really want to add a ClientSideEvent for handling the EndCallback event. Then you can have a JavaScript function which sets the property on the grid, though we usually just have an ASPxLabel with ClientVisible = False when the page is loaded, and set the ClientVisible to true in the JavaScript.

function grid_BeginCallback(s, e) {
    // Whenever a callback starts, hide the result label.

function grid_EndCallback(s, e) {
    lbl.SetText("CHANGES ARE DONE");

This support message describes how you would do this pretty well:

ASPxGridView - How to execute javascript after callback is completed

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