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I have a dual boot system with Windows and Linux. I have another partition which is visible to both Windows and Linux. I want to put my local repository there. How can I provide a path that both Linux and Windows will understand. Windows see it as d:/repository drive and Linux sees it as /media/234242342/repository. How should I configure this in pom.xml?

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Each OS needs an M2_HOME as per the Maven documentation. Inside $M2_HOME/conf/ you can put a settings.xml file and in that you can specify the location for the local repository using the <localRepository/> element.

So for your specific system, in Windows use


and in Linux

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Thanks for the very quick response – user373201 Jul 31 '11 at 21:16

You don't do that in the POM, but in your ~/.m2/settings.xml, which would be different for both Linux and Windows, so no problem. See the localRepository element:

    <!-- or -->
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Can't you just define both locations as separate repositories and let maven use the available one?

Or symlink /media/234242342/repository to /repository and use this path for both builds.

Also, have a look at maven profiles, it might be helpful!

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this is incorrect answer - look at the other answers – xhudik Mar 7 '13 at 17:27

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