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I get the error

cannot find -lpthreadGC2

when building my program. The strange thing is that it is definitly there. I build using cmake, in combinition with Eclipse and MingW. All other libraries work perfectly fine (they are set up in the same way).

With cmake I can use the command message() to give out messages. I checked that all include paths and lib pathes are set correctly with message(). I can confirm this in the Eclipse project settings, the paths are set (including pthreads.h works perfectly, it is found). The command target_link_libraries(MyApp "libpthreadGC2.a") is also executed (checked again with message()).

Summary: all pathes are set, all linking is ordered to cmake. Eclipse knows all the paths. But the MingW linker doesn't find the library. Any ideas where I should look for the errors?

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I assume you've double- and triple-checked everything for typos and misspellings? Usually, you either use a full path name to a library file (/path/to/libpthreadGC2.a) or a CMake target name (but only for targets you're building) as the argument to target_link_libraries. Did you try using the full path name of the lib in the target_link_libraries call? – DLRdave Aug 1 '11 at 12:30
Yes, I even tried to copy-paste the directory names directly. Every occurance and call is checked with a cmake message(). I also compared to all the other libs in case I missed a command: Nope, it's everything there. The lib itself (.a file) is in the folder. I have no clue what other places I could check. – blubberbernd Aug 1 '11 at 13:39
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Ah, just found it out...

The cmake command add_executable() has to come after the link_directories() call... But I still wonder, why this only was for the pthreads lib and not for the others...

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Maybe all the others are in locations that do not need to be specified in link_directories calls? If you use the full path to the library in target_link_libraries instead of using a call to link_directories, then this should have just worked. – DLRdave Aug 1 '11 at 19:50

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