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I have an iPhone web-app, and I want to know how to force a cache refresh.

My cache manifest is this:


index.html is the meat of the application, so I put that in the cache. At this point, I seem to be boned, as I can't figure out how to get iPhone to invalidate the cache. Even going to Settings > Safari > Clear Cache doesn't work, although I'd like to be able to control this programatically. Removing index.html from the manifest and re-adding it seems to work, but I would have to know that all my clients had a clean hit of the updated manifest.

How do I cache index.html and still have it updated when it changes?

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Off the top of my head, any change to the manifest will do the trick - and manifests can contain comments starting with #. Just add a random comment and it'll work.

It's a useful property, when I worked on an HTML5 application in a git repository I used to have the manifest automatically regenerated with a comment containing the HEAD hash after each commit so that the changes always propagate to the users.

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My application is trivial, but I could just write a script to add git log --oneline | cut -c -7 | head -1 to the head of the manifest as a comment. That's not a bad idea. –  Stefan Kendall Jul 31 '11 at 21:51
To get the commit hash you can also do git log -1 --format="%h" –  Patrick Oscity Jun 21 '14 at 9:42

There seems to be a bug in WebKit Browsers preventing them to reload the website on manifest changes, see this link

Have no clue for a workaround except when I call the index.html directly.

No chance for a iPad/iPhone-WebApp pinned to do the job...

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