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Working in lxml, I want to get the href attribute of all links with an img child that has title="Go to next page".

So in the following snippet:

<a class="noborder" href="StdResults.aspx">
<img src="arrowr.gif" title="Go to next page"></img>

I'd like to get StdResults.aspx back.

I've got this far:

next_link = doc.xpath("//a/img[@title='Go to next page']") 
print next_link[0].attrib['href']

But next_link is the img, not the a tag - how can I get the a tag?


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Just change a/img... to a[img...]: (the brackets sort of mean "such that")

import lxml.html as lh

content='''<a class="noborder" href="StdResults.aspx">
<img src="arrowr.gif" title="Go to next page"></img>

for elt in doc.xpath("//a[img[@title='Go to next page']]"):

# StdResults.aspx

Or, you could go even farther and use

"//a[img[@title='Go to next page']]/@href"

to retrieve the values of the href attributes.

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Thanks very much. –  Richard Jul 31 '11 at 21:11
thanks, I always thought a[@..] could only specify the attributes. actually I wonder if there is any good place for a reference or samples of lxml for such confusions? –  Walty May 26 '12 at 13:04

You can also select the parent node or arbitrary ancestors by using //a/img[@title='Go to next page']/parent::a or //a/img[@title='Go to next page']/ancestor::a respectively as XPath expressions.

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