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I have an Array<Person> myArray and I am using the following code

myArray.Find(o =>"John"));

This article in Msdn states:

Return Value

Type: T

The first element that matches the conditions defined by the specified predicate, if found; otherwise, the default value for type T.

If I had an Array<int> the default value would be zero. But, in my case I am using a class. Let's say Array<Person>.

What would be the default for my class and how can I handle the not found case using a delegate?

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The default for any reference type (class, interface, delegate) is a null reference. The default for any value type is a value where all the fields of the type are the default value for that field - so you end up with 0, \0, false etc.

See MSDN for more details.

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Assuming Person is a reference type, the default value for it would be null.

Therefore the call to Array.Find() would return null when the condition wasn't satisfied.

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