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I have one list with groups name.

<ul id="groups" >
  <li id="group1" ></li>
  <li id="group2" ></li>
  <li id="group3"></li>

and sliding containers

 <div id="containers" >
    <ul id="container1" >
      Lorem ipsum ..

    <ul id="container2" >
          Lorem ipsum ..

    <ul id="container3" >
          Lorem ipsum ..

What I want to do is when you click on group it is hidding existing container and showing new one.

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function hideAll() {
    $("#container1 #containter2 #container3").hide();




Fast and brutal but might work if you have a small number of elements. If you have a lot more, then you should break things into classes ($(".container").hide();), etc.

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$("#groups > *").live('click', function() {
    var linkIndex=parseInt($(this).attr('id').match(/[0-9]+/)[0], 10);
    $("#containers > *").slideUp('slow');
    $("#containers > *").filter(function() {
        var containerIndex=parseInt($(this).attr('id').match(/[0-9]+/)[0], 10);
        return containerIndex==linkIndex;

You can demo a (slightly modified) version here.

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I just realized I could probably have used eq, but this should work too. –  icktoofay Jul 31 '11 at 22:55
+1 for the jsfiddle :-) –  Tomm Aug 1 '11 at 1:13

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