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Does anybody know of a Javascript chart API that will handle scaling and labeling for date values on both axes? It looks like I'll have to do manual client-side calculations for labels if I want to use Google Chart API.

My data set is potentially sparse in the dates on either axis, so intelligent labeling calculations would save me a bunch of hassle. Thanks in advance!

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You may wish to look into flot for a JavaScript chart API. (I do not know if it will handle your specific labeling issue.)

share|improve this answer - See "Customizing the legend" It looks like you can pass in your own data point -> label function. Shouldn't be a problem. – Brendan Kidwell Mar 27 '09 at 21:12
For the git-inclined, I have a pretty active fork of flot on GitHub. When I started it the iola guys hadn't touched the official version in several months. GitHub makes keeping the project alive a lot easier. Cheers. – rfunduk Mar 27 '09 at 21:19
It does automatically scale the axes, even when they are timestamp-based. – cdleary Mar 29 '09 at 20:56

Take a look at Google Chart API. I've never used it but I've seen people use it. According to the examples in the docs, you can put date labels on the axes.

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I mentioned in the question that I'm using the Google Chart API -- for sparse dates the labeling calculations are a good bit of work. I'm looking for something that will do it for me. – cdleary Mar 27 '09 at 23:01
I'm stupid. Sorry about that. – Brendan Kidwell Apr 1 '09 at 23:44

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