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Just getting started with Dojo. I want to pass a couple of custom parameters to an event handler. In jQuery, you can do it like this:

    customData: 'foo'
}, handlerFunction);

And customData can be accessed from handlerFunction like this:

function handlerFunction(event) {

I'm migrating a bit of jQuery code over to Dojo. How can I pass those parameters to the Dojo event handler?

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Well, generaly, closures allow you to pass "hidden" parameters to a function:

function make_event_handler(customData){
    return function(evt){
        //customData can be used here
        //just like any other normal variable

So when connecting an event in dojo:

dojo.connect(node, 'onclick', make_event_handler(17));

Another possibility that I like a lot is using dojo.partial / dojo.hitch to create the closures for you.

function event_handler(customData, evt){

dojo.connect(node, 'onclick', dojo.partial(event_handler, 17))

Note that all of these these required your event handlers to be created with passing the extra parameter(s) in mind. I don't know if you can do a more direct translation of the JQuery code since that would require extra massaging of the evt variable and I don't think dojo does that.

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Aha, dojo.partial is just what I'm looking for. Thanks! – Jonah Aug 1 '11 at 3:15


this.connect(other, "onClick", function(e) { 
    /* other is accesible here still */ 

or :

this.connect(other, "onClick", dojo.hitch(this, "handler", other); 

and its event handler:

this.handler = function(other, evt){...}
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