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e.g. this mouse has a bunch of additional buttons other than the usual two or three. Does its driver convert the button clicks into keyboard keypress events? Or how do Windows apps respond to it?

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I have a G5 and it came with a driver disk that allows you to map the extra buttons to your needs, or even map them differently for each game. By default, the forward and back buttons are recognized by most browsers in Windows XP and newer as forward and back buttons when browsing. The + and - buttons are for mouse speed, which you can't change. The rest is up to you to map.

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so how are these "forward and backward buttons" on the mouse actually handled by the OS? Does Windows think of them as keyboard keypress, like forward/backward buttons I have seen on some fancy keyboards? – EndangeringSpecies Aug 1 '11 at 0:10
I'm pretty sure they're seen as additional buttons by the windows mouse driver, then it's up to the program (like a browser) to decide what to do with the buttons. I can't find any documentation on how Windows does it, but here: link is an explanation of how Firefox and X11 do it, and I'm sure Windows has a very similar method of implementing the buttons. You'll see how X11 maps them to "Mouse button 8" and "Mouse button 9" and then Firefox says "Okay Mouse button 8 means back, 9 means forward" – Kevin McTigue Aug 1 '11 at 0:25

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