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I want to customize the look of the ComboBox pop-up list in LWUIT. Nonetheless when I tried to change the ComboBox, ComboBoxFocus, ComboBoxItem, ComboBoxList, ComboBoxPopup components in LWUIT Theme Creator, nothing happened. The popup preview in Theme Creator still shows the pop-up in black text on white background. Am I missing something? How to change the theme of this pop-up? I am using LWUIT 1.4

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Use the following styles in LWUIT resource edit,

  • Unselected#ComboBoxItem#Color for unfocused list Item.
  • Unselected#ComboBoxPopup#Color for unfocused list Item.
  • Selected#ComboBoxItem#Color for focused list Item.

Note: uncheck derive checkbox and change the fore color or background color. Because its use default style When the derive checkbox is selected.

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That works. I didn't realize that they were split into separate components. Thanks :) One note though. Custom list cell renderer won't show custom themes unless we change the values you mentioned above. –  pram Aug 1 '11 at 8:28

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