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In my custom list XML I added a few URL fields. one of them has to be displayed as a picture just like when you select "Format URL as: Picture" in the fields settings of the UI.

In the customList's schema.xml I haven't found any place where to override the html markup for a URL type.

Any help or clue is welcome :) Thanks,


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Try changing the Format property of the relevant fields xml Schema. Get a copy of SharePoint Manager to try it.

<Field ID="{c29e077d-f466-4d8e-8bbe-72b66c5f205c}" Name="URL"
SourceID="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/v3" StaticName="URL" 
Group="Base Columns" Type="URL" DisplayName="URL" ColName="nvarchar3" 
RowOrdinal="0" ColName2="nvarchar4" RowOrdinal2="0" Format="Image" Version="1" />
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Thanks Nat! just before reading your post I made a windiff between a generated list and mine and eventually found out the Format="Image". –  teebot Mar 30 '09 at 7:51

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