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How can one read headers for example a cookie out of a QNetworkReply?

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Consulting the documentation, there are a few methods related to reading headers: header, rawHeader, rawHeaderList, and rawHeaderPairs. For the specific case of getting a cookie, you can use the header method. It would look something like this:

QNetworkReply *reply;
// somehow give reply a value
QVariant cookieVar = reply.header(QNetworkRequest::CookieHeader);
if (cookieVar.isValid()) {
    QList<QNetworkCookie> cookies = cookieVar.value<QList<QNetworkCookie> >();
    foreach (QNetworkCookie cookie, cookies) {
        // do whatever you want here

The header method only works for certain HTTP headers, though. In the general case, if there is no QNetworkRequest::KnownHeaders value for the header you want, the rawHeader method is probably the way to go.

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I just thought to add to the above answer concerning rawHeader

QList<QByteArray> headerList = reply->rawHeaderList();
foreach(QByteArray head, headerList) {
    qDebug() << head << ":" << reply->rawHeader(head);
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