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A client wants a newsletter to be automatically generated every Monday, showing the schedule for the upcoming week. That's easy:

if(date('N', $time)==1) { /* Stuff */ }

Attach that to a crontab running nightly and I'm good to go.

However, if the newsletter is being generated in the last week of the month, it needs to show the schedule for the upcoming month. How would I determine when the monthly schedule needs to be generated?

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date('m') == date('m', strtotime('+1 week'))

If the month a week from the date the report is running is different than the current month, show the report!

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strtotime is one of my favorite PHP functions –  Peter Ajtai Aug 1 '11 at 2:05
if(date('n', $time) !== date('n', $time+518400)){
    // Six days from now it will be a new month
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One way might be to see if next Monday is in a different month.

if (date('n', $time) != date('n', $time + 7*24*60*60)) { ... }

You could be fancier, but this seems consistent with your existing code.

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You can use the t date format param to see how many days are in the particular month. Try

if ((date('t', $time) - date('j', $time)) > 6) {
    // in the last week of the month
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