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HLint is a Haskell lint tool for making code more idiomatic. Is there something like it for Erlang?

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There is a tool called "Tidier":, which is based on a simpler module called erl_tidy which is part of the syntax_tools library:

Tidier is used via a web interface, letting you choose interactively which changes you want it to perform. It can do some amazing things, and is a great tool for learning how to write idiomatic Erlang.

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The link to Tidier is dead. – Roger Lipscombe Jun 21 '14 at 8:59

Yes there is. Its called erl_lint

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erl_lint is just that part of the compiler which checks for errors and warnings in the Erlang code before it gets compiled down to a more low level representation. It won't tell you how to rewrite your code to make it better. – RichardC Aug 1 '11 at 7:33

There's now also elvis. Although it is not specifically a linter, it does check that Erlang code conforms to certain rules which can be configured.

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