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I have an application made in Java for Android platforms, and I need to send quite a lot of data, the data I am sending is the previous weeks SMS messages received and sent. That includes the following data:

  • Sent by Phone number
  • Sent by Name
  • Sent to Phone number
  • Sent to Name
  • Time sent
  • Message

And you can imagine this data can be really big for some people so I need a way to minimize/encrypt it on one side, and then using an HTTP request I can send it over to my server, and decrypt this data with PHP. What is the best method to do this? What size limit does HTTP POST have?

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I think you should zip+encrypt(say, using aes) the data on Android side before sending the data to your server and decrypt+unzip it on the server side.

Post size depends on the config on the server side -> What is the size limit of a post request?.

p.s. why would anyone want to send all their sms messages to your server? :)

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I'm making an application that lets you send/receive SMS messages from the web. Thanks for the suggestion :) A requested feature from many people is to sync their recent SMS messages. – Qasim Aug 1 '11 at 3:12
@Qasim I see. You can take a look here stackoverflow.com/questions/3873927/… for some ideas. I'm not sure if the library mentioned in the thread will work on Android or not, but the idea should hold the same. – denis.solonenko Aug 1 '11 at 3:35
Many thanks. I'll leave this open for the night and see tomorrow if any more efficient options are available. If not, you're answer will win :) Thanks again. – Qasim Aug 1 '11 at 3:45

You'll want to send the data using an HTTP POST. The limit on the HTTP POST size depends on the server receiving the data. For example a PHP server has the post_max_size property that (I think) by default is 16M. In terms of encryption start by making sure the request is being sent over HTTPS.

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Do you have Gzip option turn on in your Apache HTTPD server?

This way the web server will compress and serve slightly packed files to and bro your browser.

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