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I am using inclusion validation as

validates :field_type, :inclusion => %w(SA LA RB CB SB Date)

now when the validation is fired, I am getting "Field type is not included in the list". It is not making any sense to me. So, I want to have my own custom message saying "This value is not included in Field Type." Can anyone guide me here?

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I think you want:

validates :field_type, :inclusion => { :in => %w(SA LA RB CB SB Date),
                                       :message => "The value: %{value} is not included in Field Type." }

See this post.

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can i add the entered value rather than this value? like if i put "none" can i display error like "none is not included in field type" –  Sadiksha Gautam Aug 1 '11 at 5:30
Yes, i edited my response to reflect, see above. –  ipd Aug 1 '11 at 5:37
Thanks your solution worked but it was giving "Field type" in front of message, so I edited the message :message => "cannot be %{value}" –  Sadiksha Gautam Aug 1 '11 at 5:41

Try the message option

validates :field_type, :inclusion => %w(SA LA RB CB SB Date), :message => "...."


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