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I have an XML and there is a Children<Child> tag and again Children<Super Child> tag is there for Parent Children<Child> as below -

<children name="abhishek">
      <children type="5007"/>

Actually when I try to get the attribute through getElementsByTagName("children"), I am getting both the children as output with name abhishek where I am expecting the first children to come as my output.

How to achieve the same?

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side note: the hierarchy seem to convoluted... it should be more like <parent><children><child></child></children></parent>, but anyways. Have you looked in xom? –  Nishant Aug 1 '11 at 5:03
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That's the expected behavior of getElementsByTagName(). I'd recommend using XPath to pick out the elements you want. It's much more expressive and reliable for selecting nodes out of XML.

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