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i've been trying to rack my brain for this term but I just can't think of it. The description of it is as follows...

say I have a database in which a column is the day of the week and it contains plain text days of the week (ie Monday, Tuesday etc).

in order to make this column analyzable, I want to convert each day of the week to a number (so for all entries that have Monday it would change to 1, for those that are Tuesday it would change to 2 etc).

could anyone share some knowledge on what the term is I'm talking about?

Thanks alot.

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"ordinal", "enumeration", "index", "reference"? – sje397 Aug 1 '11 at 5:51

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creating a numbered list is called enumeration.

define enumeration:

and just for good measure (how it plays into set theory and combinatorics:

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enumeration it was, thanks all :) – cougs85 Aug 1 '11 at 5:58

Yes, this seems like a good candidate for an enum(Enumerations )
Also we have a ENUM datatypes available for lot of database providers.

For ex :
MySQL does support ENUM and Oracle doesn't support ENUM at all.

you can get more information on this from this stack overflow post also.

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