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I have the following "problem".

Table "labels" include the record labels. Table "albums" include the albums, and a field with the labels of the album in question, formatted like "1,4,9".

Now I want to get the label names along with the album name, release year, artist etc. I have everything but the label names figured out! It seems like FIND_IN_SET won't work with commas... Can you guys please help me, or do I have to use a secondary query for the label names?

Thank you!

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Ideally you should take the album/label ids and put them into a seperate table, this will make querying the result very easy. – Kevin Burton Aug 1 '11 at 7:26

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The problem is that your schema is wrong. You do not store the relationship between albums and labels as a comma-separated list. Any column's value should always be atomic (single valued).

The way to store a many-to-many relationship like this is with a new table.

CREATE TABLE artist_label (artist_id int, label_id int, primary key (artist_id, label_id));
INSERT INTO artist_label (1, 1);
INSERT INTO artist_label (1, 4);
INSERT INTO artist_label (1, 9);

Now retrieving the artist and their label info at the same time is easy.

  artist_label.artist_id =
ON = artist_label.label_id
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Thanks a lot! Great answer. :) – toooft Aug 3 '11 at 7:18

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