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I have tried using the CSWPFSimpleApp from the Facebook C# SDK for a couple of days and it has never worked. I have entered my AppID and it never shows me the appropriate permissions dialog. It just goes to the generic Facebook homepage login.

Once I log in, it is supposed to pop open a message box with some details about the user, but facebookOAuthResult is always null.

    private void DisplayAppropriateMessage(FacebookOAuthResult facebookOAuthResult)
        if (facebookOAuthResult == null) //always null here
            // most likely user closed the FacebookLoginDialog, so do nothing

Conversely, I have followed the example listed on this blog and it works perfectly fine:

Is the CSWPFSimpleApp sample broken? Or am I doing something wrong?

I am using FacebookSDK-

Thanks, -Paul

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There was a change from facebook and a bug in wpf browser control ignores everything in the fragment part of the url which is after #

i have already updated the sample to use a different way by asking from code and then exchanging code for access token. (though i personally would still prefer to use winforms instead of wpf for login only as ExchangeCodeForAccessToken requires distributing the app secret with the app itself.)

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