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I am working in C++. I have the following string:


Can someone tell me how can I extract 2011-07-01 14:32 in another string?

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possible duplicate of How do I tokenize a string in C++? – iammilind Aug 1 '11 at 7:45
Are you asking how to deal with that special string, or wounder how tokenizing works generally? – Nika Gamkrelidze Aug 1 '11 at 7:47
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I think that sscanf is what you are looking for :


You can then use snprintf to reformat the data.

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sscanf(...) is part of "simple" C. In general choosing a STL/C++ solution is usually the safer way to go. Which can mean - for example - that you get errors at compile time rather than runtime. And often the STL/C++ solution is also easier to read. I strongly suggest you have a look at the ">>"-operator, the <string>-class, and the <stringstream>-class. – AudioDroid Aug 1 '11 at 9:45
Downvoted, mostly because it got accepted. It's a possible solution, but not "the C++ way". C++11 regex or std::istringstream are definitely better solutions. – Lstor Aug 1 '11 at 10:23

You may take a look at std::istringstream and its >> operator (not as explicit as sscanf though).

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If you have C++11, the simplest solution would be to use regular expresssions. It's also possible to use std::istringstream, especially if you have some additional manipulators for e.g. matching a single character. (If you don't, you probably should. The problem occurs often enough.) For something this simple, however, both of these solutions might be considered overkill: std::find for 'T', then for ' ' will give you an iterator for each of the two characters, and the double iterator constructors of std::string, will give you the strings, e.g.:

std::string::const_iterator posT = std::find( s.begin(), s.end(), 'T' );
std::string::const_iterator posSpace = std::find( posT, s.end(), ' ' );
std::string date( s.begin(), posT );
std::string time( posT != posSpace ? posT + 1 : posT , posSpace );

(You'll probably want better error handling that I've provided.)

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you can use strsep() or strtok_r() to split this string in what you want with your separators (in your case 'T' and ':').

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