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i want to create a grouptableview for my application in which some section are editable and some are checkedmark can any body tell me in details to how i do this , i want to put content in row like 'placeholder in textbox'.

I have tried many times and search in google bt i m nt getting any idea please help to out this issues. i want to create grouptableview like this image for my application.

!Screen shot

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Did your Google searching throw up the Table View Programming Guide? That should give you a few ideas to start with. – Abizern Aug 1 '11 at 10:49

If you want to edit the content of cell, you have to add UITextField/UITextView to the cell. You can very well assign a placeHolder for the UITextField/UITextView. Refer this SO Post.

For check mark you can use default cell by toggling its accessoryType between UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark and UITableViewCellAccessoryNone.

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based on your noofsections you can create the no of groups.

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