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Hallo, i have created a web site with Asp.Net by using Sql Membership Provider, sitemap and security trimming enabled. Based on these i have set web.config files into directories for allowing or not the users access according to their roles.

After some time i removed the MembershipProvider and i creted by hand the "standard" login procedure which cretaed a ticket and a authentication cookie and sets the GenericPrincipal into the Application_AuthenticateRequest.

The problem after these changes is that althought the sitemap displays the right pages for each different user according to his roles, when i click on this page the system redirects me to the "default.aspx" page such as the user is not allowed to enter that page!

It is strange that the sitemap and security trimming is working BUT actually i cannot enter the pages!!!!!

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You can add users and roles with IIS management tool. This way you can avoid any typing error.

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