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I want to check if variables named component + "_STATUS" or + "_DESC" exist.

I tried the following, but it won't work. So, here's my code:

Components = ['SAVE_DOCUMENT', \

for Component in Components:
        eval(Component + "_STATUS")
        eval(Component + "_DESC")
    except NameError:
        print "Missing component " + Component + " information!"
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I might be wrong but i think that you can do this the following way(without usign eval - because it is not a very good to use it):

missed = [x for x in Components if x + "_STATUS" not in locals() or x + "_DESC" not in locals()]
if missed:
    print "Missing components: {0:}".format(missed)

In case you need to check variable presence in local scope you can use locals(), otherwise you can use globals()

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Works like a charm! :) –  Marko Aug 1 '11 at 8:40
@Marko - thank you ) hope it would be helpful –  Artsiom Rudzenka Aug 1 '11 at 8:44
>>> f = 1
>>> globals()
{'__builtins__': <module 'builtins' (built-in)>, '__name__': '__main__', 'f': 1, '__doc__': None, '__package__': None}
>>> 'f' in globals()
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