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I know this has been discussed a lot of times and to summarize: this cannot be done without a long-living service.

A long-living service can setup a ContentObserver on the MediaStore and/or FileObservers on relevant folders.

Or this service can be in poll-mode, more or less the same.

I was wondering as to how the Google+ application does it's instant upload. Any thoughts anyone?

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For users with similar needs:

You have 3 options ([http://engineersaredumb.blogspot.com/2011/02/persistent-services-in-android.html][1] by http://stackoverflow.com/users/638122/andrew)

  1. If you need services to wake up regularly, work and die, use the AlarmManager
  2. If you need need your service to run continuously for a limited period of time, like a Music player, setForeground() on the service
  3. If you need your service to keep running, but you can live with interruptions from time to time, return START_STICKY from onStartCommand()

Google+ most probably goes the START_STICKY way.

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