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in pthread library it is possible to find non blocking function:

int pthread_mutex_trylock(pthread_mutex_t *mutex);

can I find something similar in Windows?

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If you are using a critical section for your lock then the equivalent is TryEnterCriticalSection().

If you are using a mutex for your lock then the equivalent is to call WaitForSingleObject() passing 0 as the timeout.

If you are unfamiliar with Windows synchronisation objects, don't be fooled into preferring the mutex because it has a name that you are most familiar with from a pthreads background. So long as your synchronisation is within process, critical sections are more efficient and easier to use.

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David Heffernan: can I use TryEnterCriticalSection() for different processes? not threads? – yeap Aug 1 '11 at 9:21
@yeap Critical sections don't work across processes. For cross-process locks you need the mutex. – David Heffernan Aug 1 '11 at 9:22

You could check the Boost library. They have something called shareable_locks.
This is part of the Boost Interprocess Library which works in both Windows and Unix.

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