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Even on my very best days I am absolutely dismal at tracking down browser display issues.

In Opera, the left-hand sidebar on this page ( http://www.taysf.org/about ) is not displaying properly. In every other browser, the sidebar has an orange-stripe-tan-block background, and for a reason I can not fathom that background does not display in Opera.

Do you have any idea why? Will you take pity on me?


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An excerpt from your page (whitespace removed):

<input type="hidden" name="log" id="edit-log" value=""  />

<ul class="topnav">

See that second </div></form>? You have closed one div too many (div#page, to be exact; also, you tried to close a non-existing form). Opera did what you told it to do, closed the div#page, therefore div#content was not inside div#page, thus no background was shown under it. Other browsers saw the mismatched tags and guessed what you had in mind (in this case, successfully).

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BRILLIANT! Actually there were two forms, so the second closing was (in some bizarre sense) correct. But form-in-a-form was a typo and was causing the error. Thank you! –  Eileen Mar 27 '09 at 15:11

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