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When running ruby scripts as such

ruby some-script.rb

How would I include a file (e.g. configuration file) in it dynamically?

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As you have found, the -r option is your friend. It also works with IRB:

irb -ropen-uri

Will do the same as require 'open-uri'

FWIW, the most common thing I need to include via the command line is rubygems. And since newer versions of ruby come with gems built in I don't want to edit the file, but include it for testing. Luckily the folks who created gems added a little alias sugar.

You can do the following:

ruby -rubygems myscript.rb

Instead of the ugly:

ruby -rrubygems myscript.rb

OK, so it is one character, but thought it was extra polish to make me happier.

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Actually, I found it. It's the -r command line entry.

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You can use:

require 'some_ruby_file'

in some-script.rb. It will load some_ruby_file.rb.

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Thanks, but not what I asked. I was looking for a way to do it in the command line i.e. without modifying the scripts. –  Macha Mar 27 '09 at 14:02

Before you call require "somefile.rb" you must navigate to the folder that the file is located or you must provide the full path. In example: require "~/Documents/Somefolder/somefile.rb"

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