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I initially wrote a small ajax-based settings page for an online support system i developed, using jQuery 1.4.2 and it worked fine. However, after upgrading to 1.6.1, additional executions are being called to the functions that were only ever called once previously.

I have three menu options, each with an onclick event to load a specific page into the #settingsph div. Additional code is then called depending on the page in question. (The apache server automatically assumes .php file ext are to be used if none are defined)

function open_page(name) {
    $("#settingsph").load("/includes/support/stg/"+name, function(){
        if(name == "managecontacts"){
        }else if(name == "changepw"){
            $(change_pw(), "changepw_box");
        }else if(name == "editcompany"){
            $(company_update(), "#company_update");

Once loaded, a select box is presented to users, to select a contact to edit. Onchange, the following function is called.

function open_contact(id) {
    if(id != "NewContact") {
        $(contact_update(), "#contact_update"); 
        $(contact_add(), "#contact_add"); 

Let's assume the user has decided to edit their contact information (all 3 update pages use roughly the same function, but with the variables changed to reflect the page it took information from).

function contact_update() {
  $('input#ldate').live('focus', function(){
    $(this).datepick({dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy'});                                   
  $("input.text-input").live('focus', function(){
  $("input.text-input").live('blur', function(){                                      

  $(".buttonupd").live('click', function() {
        // validate and process form
        // first hide any error messages

    var forename = $("input#forename").val();
    if (forename == "") {
      $('input#forename').css({border:"solid #aa0000"});
    var surname = $("input#surname").val();
    if (surname == "") {
      $('input#surname').css({border:"solid #aa0000"});
    var phone = $("input#phone").val();
    if (phone == "") {
      $('input#phone').css({border:"solid #aa0000"});
    var email = $("input#email").val();
    if (email == "") {
      $('input#email').css({border:"solid #aa0000"});
    if((forename == "") || (surname == "") || (phone == "") || (email == "")){
        return false;   
    var contactid = $("input#contactid").val();
    var jobtitle = $("input#jobtitle").val();
    var site = $("select#site option:selected").val();
    var mobile = $("input#mob").val();
    var ldate = $("input#ldate").val();
    var loginallowed = $("input[name='loginallowed']:checked").val();
    var editaddress = $("input[name='editaddress']:checked").val();
    var editcontacts = $("input[name='editcontacts']:checked").val();
    var editcompany = $("input[name='editcompany']:checked").val();
    var lognewissue = $("input[name='lognewissue']:checked").val();
    var viewallissues = $("input[name='viewallissues']:checked").val();
    var viewchangelog = $("input[name='viewchangelog']:checked").val();
    var viewdownloads = $("input[name='viewdownloads']:checked").val();
    var newissuenotify = $("input[name='newissuenotify']:checked").val();
    var closeissuenotify = $("input[name='closeissuenotify']:checked").val();
    var changelognotify = $("input[name='changelognotify']:checked").val();
    var viewsitehardware = $("input[name='viewsitehardware']:checked").val();
    var viewcompanyhardware = $("input[name='viewcompanyhardware']:checked").val();

    var dataString = 'contactid=' + contactid + '&forename=' + forename + '&surname=' + surname + '&jobtitle=' + jobtitle + '&site=' + site + '&email=' + email + '&phone=' + phone + '&mob=' + mobile + '&ldate=' + ldate + '&loginallowed=' + loginallowed + '&editaddress=' + editaddress + '&editcontacts=' + editcontacts + '&editcompany=' + editcompany + '&lognewissue=' + lognewissue + '&viewallissues=' + viewallissues + '&viewsitehardware=' + viewsitehardware + '&viewcompanyhardware=' + viewcompanyhardware + '&viewchangelog=' + viewchangelog + '&viewdownloads=' + viewdownloads + '&newissuenotify=' + newissuenotify + '&closeissuenotify=' + closeissuenotify + '&changelognotify=' + changelognotify;
        //alert (dataString);return false;

      type: "POST",
      url: "/includes/support/stg/contactupd",
      data: dataString,
      success: function() {
        $('#contact_update').html("<div id='contact_upd_msg'></div>");
        $('#contact_upd_msg').html("<h2>Contact Successfully Updated</h2>")
        .append("<p>Thank you.</p>")
        .fadeIn(1500, function() {
    return false;

The first time the function is executed, it is called only once and appears to be fine. However, if the above function is called a second time to perhaps update another contact, two requests are sent, updating the information twice and refreshing the select box with a list of contacts in twice. If the above function is called a third time, three requests are sent and so on until the page is completely refreshed. I reverted back to 1.4.2 and these functions are only ever executed once, regardless of how many times they're called without a page refresh.

The .live() method was introduced to me here on SO when i first wrote the system and worked well at the time since the .buttonupd does not exist in the DOM when the settings.php page is loaded, is this my problem?

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It's not good idea in my opinion to attach events more than once.. attach the click event to .buttonupd only once, in the $(document).ready() event. – Shadow Wizard Aug 1 '11 at 12:17

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As was mentioned in the comment, you shouldn't be attaching events within a function which could be called multiple times. Each time you call live within that function you are attaching a new event handler. That's why if that method gets called 3 times, triggering the event will cause the handler to run 3 times.

Here is a stripped down example:

Notice that every time you click, the number of words added increases by one. This is because each click calls live and attaches another handler.

You can fix this by simply moving all of your live calls outside of your function. Since you are using live it is fine to call it prior to the elements in question being created. So the stripped down example becomes this:

and it works no matter how many times you click. (obviously if this were a real page I would combine those two live calls, but this is just for illustration).

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that did the job, thanks a lot! :) – Stann0rz Aug 23 '11 at 12:08

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