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I'm implementing ShareKit with my app and I'm now trying to complete the settings for Twitter. I had created a Twitter application and filled all the fields there and copied all the data to the SHKConfig.h file. There are 2 fields required in the SHKConfig.h file that I don't understand from where I'm supposed to retrieve the data:

#define SHKBitLyLogin @""

#define SHKBitLyKey @""

I understand that I'm supposed to get this "bit.ly" code, but I'm not clear to what does it mean and from where do I get it. I thought I can go on without it, but it causes an error line on the the "share" in Twitter "MISSING_ARG_APIKEY"...

Can anyone assist?

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You need a user account with bit.ly. Sign in and then visit this URL: http://bitly.com/a/your_api_key. The two pieces of information that it displays should be entered in the ShareKit configuration. This information is from the bit.ly API Documentation.

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