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Is there a way to stream MP3s stored on Amazon S3 via a Flash widget embedded in a website, or some other method?

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Yes it is. Firstly, you need to create a bucket in your S3 account which is all in lower case, is globally unique and is DNS-compatible; so for example I created a bucket called ‘’.

Then to make it all look nice you need to create a DNS CNAME entry to map a sub-domain of your site to that S3 bucket. That will allow you to access your files you upload to that S3 bucket via ‘’. You do just need to set the ACLs on the files & the bucket to make sure public access is allowed.

Finally, if you want to stream video files via a Flash player from S3 to another domain, you also have to tell Flash that it’s ok for the content to be pulled in from a different domain. Create a file called ‘crossdomain.xml’ in the bucket, with these contents:

<site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="all"/>

That allows the media to be accessed from anywhere - you can be more specific if you want but this is the simplest approach.

Related resources:

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Keep in mind though, that the media is not really streamed (like with Red5 or Flash Media Server) but progressivly downloaded - thus the media-files end up as easily identified files in the browser's cache. Depending on the license this might be a problem with content copyrighted by a third party – Argelbargel Mar 27 '09 at 13:36
Also pay attention to traffic, because if the crossdomain file isnt protecting against other sites linking to the MP3, I believe that anyone could use this MP3 in their Flash player = you pay the bandwidth. But I havent testet it though. – BerggreenDK May 4 '10 at 23:40

To update the answer to this question, if you want to actually STREAM to clients, you can use Amazon Cloudfront on top of your S3 bucket (as mentioned by Rudolf). Create a "streaming distribution" in Cloudfront that points to your S3 bucket.

This will stream via RTMP (good for web and Android devices). You can use JW Player or a similar player to play the streamed files.

Cloudfront Streaming uses Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5.

There is also the ability to play secure content using signed urls.

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thanks, this is the info i desperately was looking for! u da man! – r3wt Aug 5 at 6:45

I would strongly recommend Flash Media server solutions like Wowza combined with Flowplayer for flash widget.

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no need for a flash widget, refer to solution by @caveman for solution supported by Amazon S3 and Cloudfront – yacc Apr 22 at 3:11

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