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I just moved from WinXP to Win7. My software needs to have real time response to I/O so it makes a busy-wait in one thread (which has affinity to run on one CPU).

The result is 100% CPU on one of the cores and 0% CPU for others, on Winows XP it worked just fine. In Windows 7 the system freezes. (The software is a console application, for Windows application it behaves a bit different. only if the main thread make busy-wait without peeking messages it freezes)

Any ideas ?

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IIRC the 'system' thread in XP worked on Real time priority. In Win7 its lowered (probably to Normal) so you're system freezes. – CodingBarfield Aug 1 '11 at 12:14

So you're using a non real-time OS for realtime I/O. Simply put the code isn't working correctly and should do a non busy-wait (change to a sleep-wait) loop and change the thread timer settings to something that is realtime enough.

See this question to setup windows for millisecond precision on a timer callback.

How to trigger a C# function at a certain time with millisecond precision?

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