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I'm looking for a way to break into the debugger from Java code, without setting a breakpoint in the IDE.

In Win32 there was DebugBreak(), in C# there's DebugBreak() Equivalent in C#, but I can't find anything in Java.

What I'm trying to do: say I have a wait with a 30s timeout, but in normal conditions that wait should always be <1s. I'd like to use ByteMan or something similar to wait with 1s timeout first, and break into the debugger if that wait timed out.

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Not a direct answer to your question but in most IDE's you can set conditional breakpoints.

This would require you to set a timestamp variable in your code before the timeout and test its value in your breakpoint, after the timeout. You would trigger your breakpoint conditional if the delta is greater than your threshold.

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I'm trying to make this "reusable" so that I don't have to modify the code all the time. If the timestamp variable was injected via bytecode manipulation I doubt IDEA would let me use it in a breakpoint condition. Good suggestion though, I will try it. –  Dan Berindei Aug 1 '11 at 11:52
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The poster of this question has done exactly what I was looking for: Secure Debugging for Production JVMs

It reproduces the best feature of DebugBreak, that is you can attach the IDE to your program only after the "breakpoint" is hit.

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