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firstly, I've searched a lot and every single question / blog asks/tells about how to convert physical path to relative, never the other way around. If I've missed that question here, I am sorry.
<rant />

So, I have a directory structure very similar to this:

          |....Assets //this is a folder

So, in my FileAccess.cs I just want to read the content of a text file and display it on a page. in my webpage.aspx.cs I am calling the getFileContent() which is in utils.

so the relative path from FileAccess.cs is Assets\spec.txt

So, how on earth can I access that with code?

this is what I am trying / tried:

  //function getFileContent() content..
private const string QuestionnairePath = @"Assets\";
return Server.MapPath(QuestionnairePath + "spec.html");

it ALWAYS throws file not found exception and upon debugging it's not selecting the right folder. I have even tried this:

private const string QuestionnairePath = @"~Utils\FileUtils\Assets\";

that doesn't work either.

This must be very easy. Just can't figure it out, for the life of me. I hate being a newbie sometimes.

Help please, Thanks.

ps: Ideally, I would just want to use relative path: Assets\ - wonder if that is possible.

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Did you tried @"~\Utils\FileUtils\Assets\" ? –  sll Aug 1 '11 at 11:29
@sll - I did, but it did not work for relative path... –  LocustHorde Aug 1 '11 at 14:00

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