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I'm facing a similar issue as this one : Embedding a link (or other html) in a JSF message
I want to embed an anchor tag in h:messages. This solution mentioned will work with JSF 1.2. But I'm stuck with JSF 1.1 on my project. ResponseWriterWrapper is not available for 1.2. Any way around this?
@BalusC - Thanks for all ur posts across the web :)

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Just create your own ResponseWriterWrapper class.

public abstract class ResponseWriterWrapper extends ResponseWriter {

    public abstract ResponseWriter getWrapped();

    public String getContentType() {
        return getWrapped().getContentType();

    public String getCharacterEncoding() {
        return getWrapped().getCharacterEncoding();

    public void flush() throws IOException {

    public void startDocument() throws IOException {

    // Etc... Just override all abstract methods of ResponseWriter 
    // and delegate the call to getWrapped(). There are 15 of them.

It's basically a convenience class so that you don't need to implement all of 15 abstract methods whenever you need only one or two of them.

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Thanks a lot. Will try this one & get back. –  Manish T Aug 3 '11 at 10:06

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