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I'm confused as to where exactly I should find com.sun.script.http.ScriptServlet that I've seen in numerous samples across the web.

Is JSR-223 included in JDK 1.6? I've seen people talk about a reference implementation, but the only working link on Oracle's site doesn't seem to include such a class. My non-local environment also uses OpenJDK, which I doubt would have any Sun implementation of JSR-223 anyway! In this case where can I get it from? I'm not even sure what 'it' is in this scenario :/

I want to be able to use PHP as a view technology, invoked from a Servlet. I gather JSR-223 was designed with this sort fo usage in mind, but I'm struggling to figure out


One guide in particular ( mentions invocation of PHP via JNI, which sounds ideal. If there's something in existence as part of the final spec that'd allow me to do this via Servlet, I'd be a very happy bunny.

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It's available here. Below is an extract of relevance:

Previously, Ludo and Arun described how to run PHP 5 on GlassFish using Quercus, see here and here. However, it is also possible to invoke the native PHP engine on Glassfish, using jsr223 and a PHP bridge. The following steps should work on Sparc Solaris 10.

  • Download script.jar and drop it into <glassfish>/lib.
  • Download, save it as and drop it into <glassfish>/lib.
  • Download phptest.war and deploy in Glassfish.
  • Run the PHP on http://localhost:8080/phptest/hello.php.

The class you mentioned is contained in the script.jar file.

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I was changing the link from the old blogs.sun domain and SO wouldn't let me save the change with a link to localhost. I'm not sure if my change is exactly what you were going for with that link, so you may want to revisit your last bullet point. – Bill the Lizard Aug 2 '12 at 13:16

There's Quercus, Caucho's Java reimplementation of PHP in Java, quite easy to package as a WAR. JSR223 is included in Java 6, but the only script engine it's shipped with is Rhino, Mozilla's JavaScript interpreter. There are a number of JSR-223 compatible script engines available, check out the repository. Instructions on how to integrate Quercus in eg Glassfish can be found on Arun Gupta's blog.

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Quercus is not a JSR 223 implementation. – BalusC Aug 1 '11 at 12:38
@BalusC it's listed as JSR223 compliant in numerous places, so I never really saw the usefulness of verifying that clam :-). And IMO it remains a much cleaner and more versatile way to run php from a servlet environment than the jni way... – fvu Aug 1 '11 at 12:49
I tried Quercus once before but it doesn't show the same behaviour as PHP proper - for instance it has some differences with defining classes that prevent the Kohana PHP framework from working. – EngineerBetter Aug 1 '11 at 13:19

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