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How to convert date in format 09-feb-73 to 02/09/1973 (mm/dd/yyyy) using Ruby on Rails?

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Valid Ruby datetime formats

Date.strptime("09-feb-73", "%d-%b-%y").strftime("%m/%d/%Y")

Note that strptime is a part of Rails. And these are the relevant formats used:

%b - The abbreviated month name (``Jan'')

%d - Day of the month (01..31)

%m - Month of the year (01..12)

%y - Year without a century (00..99)

%Y - Year with century

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You can do it with Date.parse and Date#strftime:

d = Date.parse('09-feb-73').strftime('%m/%d/%Y')
# "02/09/1973"

You could also use Date.strptime instead of Date.parse:

d = Date.strptime('09-feb-73', '%d-%b-%y').strftime('%m/%d/%Y')
# "02/09/1973"

The advantage of strptime is that you can specify the format rather than leaving it to parse to guess.

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The result I got was 02/09/0073 – Amal Kumar S Aug 1 '11 at 12:43
thanks for the updated answer – Amal Kumar S Aug 1 '11 at 12:47

Date.strptime("09-feb-73", "%d-%b-%y").strftime("%m/%d/%Y")
Date Formats:

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If you require this in a view, I would suggest using localizations, since you can easily change the behavior based on your user's local settings and keep your controller code tidy (why should the controller care about the date format?). Example:

# config/locales/en.yml
      short: "%m/%d/%Y"

# view file
<%=l, :format => :short %>

For more information on rails localizations, see the Rails Guide.

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