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I have a Silverlight app, that uses a WCF duplex service extensively (therefore I don't want to change from duplex on that side of things).

I wish to stream data from a Windows app, via the WCF duplex service to any connected Silverlight client. However I believe that only Silverlight clients have an API to call duplex WCF services (based on PollingDuplexBindingElement).

Therefore, I thought perhaps that I could have a non-duplex WCF service on the same website,to which the Windows client pushes data, and somehow trigger the duplex service to forward on the messages. But to start with, the non-duplex service is effectively a windows app as well and gets the same errors if it tries to call the duplex service.

Finally, I have concluded I will have to use a shared queue / bus between the services and would like recommendations as to a good approach. I am looking for the best performing (low latency) solution.

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The link below there is a good sample which consumes a wcf duplex service from a wpf client.

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