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How to print functions and triggers sourcecode in postgresql? please let me know if any one know the query to display the function, triggers source code.

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as a note for followers who got here trying to figure out how to list all triggers, it's select * from pg_trigger; or, if you also want to see which table each trigger applies to select tgrelid::regclass, tgname from pg_trigger; FWIW ` –  rogerdpack Oct 1 '14 at 17:33

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For function:

you can query the pg_proc view , just as the following

select proname,prosrc from pg_proc where proname= your_function_name; 

Another way is that just execute the commont \df and \ef which can list the functions.

skytf=> \df           
                                             List of functions
 Schema |         Name         | Result data type |              Argument data types               |  Type  
 public | pg_buffercache_pages | SETOF record     |                                                | normal

skytf=> \ef  pg_buffercache_pages

It will show the source code of the function.

For triggers:

I dont't know if there is a direct way to get the source code. Just know the following way, may be it will help you!

  • step 1 : Get the table oid of the trigger:
    skytf=> select tgrelid from pg_trigger  where tgname='insert_tbl_tmp_trigger';
    (1 row)
  • step 2: Get the table name of the above oid !
    skytf=> select oid,relname  from pg_class where oid=26599;
      oid  |           relname           
     26599 | tbl_tmp
    (1 row)
  • step 3: list the table information
    skytf=> \d tbl_tmp

It will show you the details of the trigger of the table . Usually a trigger uses a function. So you can get the source code of the trigger function just as the above that I pointed out !

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\df+ in psql gives you the sourcecode.

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Nice one :) I suggest using \df to find the name of your function, then \x for expanded output, then \df+ name_of_function –  Sam Watkins Sep 3 '14 at 7:47

There are many possibilities. Simplest way is to just use pgAdmin and get this from SQL window. However if you want to get this programmatically then examinate pg_proc and pg_trigger system catalogs or routines and triggers views from information schema (that's SQL standard way, but it might not cover all features especially PostgreSQL-specific). For example:

    specific_schema LIKE 'public'
    AND routine_name LIKE 'functionName';
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Mmmm.. I have PGPSQL functions, that have an empty routine_defintion, and state 'EXTERNAL' in the field routine_body. Any hint where i can find those? –  alfonx Jan 12 '12 at 22:44
+1 This is more standard/portable solution. For views the SQL is: SELECT view_definition FROM information_schema.views WHERE table_schema = ? AND table_name = ? –  Franta Mar 1 at 10:25

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