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Is it possible to programmatically set such windows console parameters as its left-top desktop position, console font, fast insert and selection by mouse options, etc.?

Unfortunately we can set some console parameters by invoking undocumented Windows API. For example: SetConsoleFont, GetConsoleFontInfo, GetNumberOfConsoleFonts from KERNEL32.DLL.

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In order to reposition the console you need to update the underlying HWND. You can use the GetConsoleWindow() function to get a handle to the HWND. From there you can call GetWindowInfo, SetWindowINfo and the like to update it's postition and size


EDIT The below is actually for updating the buffer.

I believe you are looking for the SetConsoleWindowInfo function. This will allow you to control positioning of the Console Window.


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No. SetConsoleWindowInfo function manages character cells numebr of displayable window in console screen buffer. I need handling the position (in pixels) of console window in Windows desktop. –  macropas Mar 27 '09 at 14:28
It's great!(using GetConsoleWindow() to obtain HWND). But what do you think about font and other console parameters? –  macropas Mar 27 '09 at 14:48

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