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I am using a TreeView's in my Visual C++ Solution to represent and alter XML-Content. I use Visual Studio 2010 for this project (.NET/Windows Forms). Some of my TreeNodes have to have Attributes. Unfortunately, TreeNodes in Visual Studio do not seem to have Attributes.

I now wanted to solve this by adding invisible Child-Nodes to TreeNodes which are supposed to have Attributes and saving the Attribute-Value in those invisible Child-Nodes. Again, TreeNodes in Visual Studio do not offer any Property for making them invisible. My Idea now was to simply derive a Custom TreeNode-Class and add a boolean Property whether the TreeNode should be hidden or not. If the property is true I "just" have to overwrite the method of the TreeView which draws the TreeNode when being added (or comes into View or whatever). Unfortunately, that's where I am stuck. Which Function do I have to override to get this done?

BTW: Do I have to add a visibility property? Actually it should suffice to just cast the Node to the Custom-TreeNode (which is the exact same as TreeNode) and then only draw it when it is of Type TreeNode and hide when it is CustomTreeNode. Right?

Thanks for any help!

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TreeView has no such option, not even with custom draw. It is simple to do, make a node invisible by removing it from the tree. Make sure to keep the data implementation separate from the visualization so this is never a problem. –  Hans Passant Aug 1 '11 at 18:29
I know, that's why I wanted to use Custom Classes for TreeNode and TreeView. For simplicity in handling and visualizing data, I wanted to have the possibility of using TreeNodes just not being displayed in the TreeView but being listed in its TreeNode-Collection. Until now I tried to work with the Code from this page: codeproject.com/KB/tree/… I wanted to use the WndProc() Hook mentioned here to prevent a TreeNode from being drawn if it is meant to be a hidden TreeNode. But I am not sure whether this is the right way to look. –  EliteTUM Aug 2 '11 at 10:04
Until now I only figured out this code can additionally draw something in the TreeView AFTER the Node was displayed in the TreeView. But I want to prevent the TreeNode being displayed at all. –  EliteTUM Aug 2 '11 at 10:06

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