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Does MSVC10 support the C++0x draft standard's range based loop?


for (int& p : array) { ... }
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MSVC10 implemented an earlier proposal, something like for each (int& p in array) should work – Ben Voigt Aug 1 '11 at 13:32
Looks like this is the documentation for what @BenVoigt mentions: How to: Iterate Over STL Collection with for each. Looks like this was originally intended for C++/CLR code, and it also looks like it might not work with non-CLR arrays. – crashmstr Jul 11 '12 at 18:18
I assume this for_each (T& t in tt) will only work in VS2010 compiler? – paulm Jun 3 '13 at 8:30
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No. Stephan T. Lavavej's explains the feature was altered too late in Visual Studio 2010's release cycle.

Comments on the Visual Studio Team's blog:

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It doesn't, but you can simulate it with a macro.

template<typename T>
struct false_wrapper
    false_wrapper(const T& value) : value(value) { }

    operator bool() const { return false; }

    T value;

template<typename T>
false_wrapper<T> make_false_wrapper(const T& value)
    return false_wrapper<T>(value);

template<typename T>
struct false_ref_wrapper
    false_ref_wrapper(T& value) : value(value) { }

    operator bool() const { return false; }

    T& value;

    false_ref_wrapper& operator=(const false_ref_wrapper&);

template<typename T>
false_ref_wrapper<T> make_false_ref_wrapper(T& value)
    return false_ref_wrapper<T>(value);

template<typename T>
void increment(T& it)

#define foreach_(VAL, VALS) \
    if (auto _foreach_col = make_false_ref_wrapper(VALS)) { } else \
    if (auto _foreach_cur = make_false_wrapper(std::begin(_foreach_col.value))) { } else \
    if (auto _foreach_end = make_false_wrapper(std::end(_foreach_col.value))) { } else \
    for (bool _foreach_flag = true; \
              _foreach_flag && _foreach_cur.value != _foreach_end.value; \
              _foreach_flag ? increment(_foreach_cur.value) : (void) 0) \
        if ((_foreach_flag = false) == true) { } else \
        for (VAL = *_foreach_cur.value; !_foreach_flag; _foreach_flag = true)
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Don't bother do get it right, use BOOST_FOREACH – eudoxos Jul 11 '12 at 20:18
@eudoxos: not every project can afford Boost – Valentin Milea Jul 12 '12 at 8:53

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