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are there any libraries that allow one to pack raw speex into an ogg container? I know Jspeex, but - as far as I can see - this library only handles Ogg/Speex and PCM. But I already have a Speex stream and want to wrap this in an Ogg container.

Thanks for your support

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For Java, there is Ogg for Java.

For C, you can use libogg or liboggz. Here is an example which uses liboggz to encapsulate an audio stream encoded by libfishsound:

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Thanks Conrad, Ogg for Java was the one I was looking for –  Soccertrash Sep 7 '11 at 5:32
I wanted to use the Ogg for Java Library for wrapping Speex in OGG, but I wasn't successful. I also tried to use the sources of jspeex. My problem here is, that I need some information of the speex-encoded data to build a OGG container (e.g. sampling rate, isVBR, mono/stereo, frameSize, ...). Is there a possibility to get these information from the raw speex stream? –  Soccertrash Oct 20 '11 at 17:32

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